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Division Standings
The Wheel 179500279369+2458107-3Lost 1Gibson
Mean Eyed Cat 179800277586-1162106-4Won 1Lavaca
Lalas 158500247861+1788215-5Lost 3Lavaca
Star Bar 1687002410290+1238116-4Won 4Lalas
Gibson 166800187697-2136114-6Lost 1Wheel
Lavaca 153100097091-2152192-8Lost 1Lalas
Recent Games
DateFacilityDivisionAway Home Results
Thu 01/14/21 09:00 PMCrossover SilverAA Star Bar 11The Wheel 9Final
Thu 01/14/21 07:45 PMCrossover SilverAA Mean Eyed Cat 7Gibson 3Final
Thu 01/07/21 09:30 PMCrossover SilverAA Gibson 5Lalas 2Final
Thu 01/07/21 08:15 PMCrossover SilverAA Mean Eyed Cat 5The Wheel 6Final
Thu 01/07/21 07:00 PMCrossover SilverAA Lavaca 3Star Bar 11Final
Thu 12/17/20 09:15 PMCrossover GoldAA Star Bar 10Gibson 3Final
Thu 12/17/20 09:00 PMCrossover SilverAA Lalas 4Mean Eyed Cat 6Final
Thu 12/17/20 07:45 PMCrossover SilverAA The Wheel 7Lavaca 8Final (OT)
Thu 12/03/20 09:15 PMCrossover GoldAA Mean Eyed Cat 7Lavaca 4Final
Thu 12/03/20 09:00 PMCrossover SilverAA Lalas 1Star Bar 7Final
Thu 12/03/20 07:45 PMCrossover SilverAA The Wheel 6Gibson 2Final
Thu 11/19/20 09:15 PMCrossover GoldAA The Wheel 7Star Bar 6Final
Thu 11/19/20 09:00 PMCrossover SilverAA Gibson 12Mean Eyed Cat 2Final
Thu 11/19/20 07:45 PMCrossover SilverAA Lavaca 4Lalas 5Final (OT)
Thu 11/05/20 09:15 PMCrossover GoldAA Lavaca 2The Wheel 6Final
Thu 11/05/20 09:00 PMCrossover SilverAA Gibson 5Star Bar 6Final (OT)
Thu 11/05/20 07:45 PMCrossover SilverAA Mean Eyed Cat 3Lalas 8Final
Thu 10/29/20 09:15 PMCrossover GoldAA Mean Eyed Cat 5Star Bar 3Final
Thu 10/29/20 09:00 PMCrossover SilverAA The Wheel 5Lalas 4Final (OT)
Thu 10/29/20 07:45 PMCrossover SilverAA Gibson 7Lavaca 6Final

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