Chaparral Adult Hockey League
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Today's Games
DivisionAwayHomeGame TimeFacility 
C1 Swedish Meatballs Menace To Sobriety Tue 01/19/21 08:15PMCrossover GoldSS
B1 Highlanders Crown Kings Tue 01/19/21 08:45PMNorthcross SS
B1 Mean Eyed Cats Blackjack Tue 01/19/21 10:00PMNorthcross SS
Fall/Winter 2020
Recent Games
DateFacilityDivisionAway Home Results
Mon 01/18/21 09:45 PMCrossover GoldB2 Puck Dynasty 6Mustin Jilianos 1Final
Mon 01/18/21 09:00 PMCrossover SilverB2 Murder Hornets 3Allegedly 4Final
Mon 01/18/21 08:30 PMNorthcross RinkB2 Molson Twins 4Shredders 1Final
Mon 01/18/21 07:15 PMNorthcross C2 Pylons (C2) 1Bees 5Final
Sun 01/17/21 08:45 PMNorthcross A Montucky 4Pylons (A) 6Final
Sun 01/17/21 08:15 PMCrossover GoldB1 Mean Eyed Cats 2Junior Ehs 0Final
Sun 01/17/21 08:00 PMCrossover SilverC2 Pylons (C2) 3Night Owls 1Final
Sun 01/17/21 07:30 PMNorthcross A Beavers 5Eskimo Brothers 1Final
Sun 01/17/21 05:45 PMCrossover GoldMixed Wint Autin First Responde 5Pitter Patter 3Final
Sat 01/16/21 09:00 PMNorthcross B1 Highlanders 1Crown Kings 4Final
Sat 01/16/21 08:00 PMCrossover GoldC2 Night Owls 3Bees 6Final
Sat 01/16/21 07:45 PMNorthcross RinkB2 Murder Hornets 1Bozos Freak Show 2Final (SO)
Fri 01/15/21 09:30 PMCrossover GoldA Montucky 5Eskimo Brothers 10Final
Fri 01/15/21 08:30 PMCrossover SilverC1 Swedish Meatballs 2Austin Puck Works 7Final
Fri 01/15/21 08:15 PMCrossover GoldA Pylons (A) 0Beavers 3Final
Fri 01/15/21 07:30 PMNorthcross RinkB2 Puck Dynasty 5Shredders 0Final
Fri 01/15/21 07:00 PMCrossover GoldC1 Menace To Sobriety 4Austin City Archdeke 7Final
Thu 01/14/21 09:00 PMCrossover SilverAA Star Bar 11The Wheel 9Final
Thu 01/14/21 07:45 PMCrossover SilverAA Mean Eyed Cat 7Gibson 3Final
Wed 01/13/21 09:00 PMNorthcross A Beavers 3Pylons (A) 2Final (SO)
Wed 01/13/21 08:45 PMCrossover GoldC2 Pylons (C2) 4Night Owls 1Final
Wed 01/13/21 07:45 PMNorthcross A Eskimo Brothers 0Montucky 4Final
Wed 01/13/21 07:30 PMCrossover GoldC2 Heathens 4Red Army 2Final
Tue 01/12/21 10:00 PMNorthcross B1 Crown Kings 1Mean Eyed Cats 3Final
Tue 01/12/21 09:30 PMCrossover GoldC1 Austin City Archdeke 0Swedish Meatballs 3Final

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