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Division Standings - North @ Crossover
Swedish Meatballs 107300213722+1530167-3Lost 1Schadenfre
Menace To Sobriety 105500153432+228165-5Lost 1Roadkill
Austin City Archdekes 94500122323022174-5Won 1MHC
Austin Puck Works 9360091827-950173-6Won 1Austin Reb

Division Standings - South @ Northcross
Roadkill 97200213623+1314177-2Won 1Austin Reb
Manchaca Hockey Club 86200182422+222186-2Won 5Schadenfre
Schadenfreude 9360092130-926173-6Won 2MHC
Austin Rebels 8170031731-1432181-7Lost 3Roadkill
Recent Games
DateFacilityDivisionAway Home Results
Tue 10/20/20 09:30 PMCrossover GoldC1 Menace To Sobriety 3Austin Puck Works 4Final
Tue 10/20/20 08:15 PMCrossover GoldC1 Swedish Meatballs 0Austin City Archdeke 2Final
Sat 10/17/20 08:00 PMNorthcross C1 Austin City Archdeke 2Roadkill 4Final
Sat 10/17/20 06:45 PMNorthcross C1 Austin Puck Works 1Schadenfreude 2Final
Thu 10/15/20 09:15 PMNorthcross C1 Roadkill 3Manchaca Hockey Club 4Final
Thu 10/15/20 08:00 PMNorthcross C1 Schadenfreude 6Austin Rebels 3Final
Tue 10/13/20 08:30 PMCrossover SilverC1 Swedish Meatballs 7Austin Puck Works 2Final
Tue 10/13/20 07:15 PMCrossover SilverC1 Menace To Sobriety 4Austin City Archdeke 2Final
Fri 10/09/20 08:15 PMCrossover GoldC1 Schadenfreude 0Swedish Meatballs 4Final
Fri 10/09/20 07:00 PMCrossover GoldC1 Roadkill 8Menace To Sobriety 6Final
Thu 10/08/20 09:15 PMNorthcross C1 Roadkill 5Schadenfreude 4Final
Thu 10/08/20 08:00 PMNorthcross C1 Manchaca Hockey Club 3Austin Rebels 2Final
Tue 10/06/20 09:30 PMCrossover GoldC1 Austin Puck Works 4Austin City Archdeke 1Final
Tue 10/06/20 08:15 PMCrossover GoldC1 Swedish Meatballs 5Menace To Sobriety 1Final
Sat 10/03/20 09:00 PMCrossover SilverC1 Manchaca Hockey Club 3Menace To Sobriety 2Final
Sat 10/03/20 07:45 PMCrossover SilverC1 Austin Rebels 2Swedish Meatballs 5Final
Thu 10/01/20 09:15 PMNorthcross C1 Schadenfreude 1Manchaca Hockey Club 4Final
Thu 10/01/20 08:00 PMNorthcross C1 Roadkill 0Austin Rebels 2Final
Tue 09/29/20 09:30 PMCrossover GoldC1 Austin City Archdeke 8Swedish Meatballs 2Final
Tue 09/29/20 08:15 PMCrossover GoldC1 Austin Puck Works 2Menace To Sobriety 5Final
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