Chaparral Adult Hockey League
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Fall/Winter 2023/2024
Recent Games
DateFacilityDivisionAway Home Results
Tue 12/05/23 09:00 PMNorthcross B1 Highlanders 4Junior Ehs 3Final (SO)
Tue 12/05/23 07:45 PMNorthcross B1 Blackjack 3Trash Pandas 4Final
Mon 12/04/23 09:30 PMNorthcross B2 Bozos Freak Show 2Dawg House 3Final
Mon 12/04/23 08:15 PMNorthcross B2 DonnyBrooks 3Dirty Mike and The B 5Final
Mon 12/04/23 07:00 PMNorthcross B2 Jokers 4Cedar Fever (B2) 1Final
Sun 12/03/23 09:15 PMNorthcross B1 Mean Eyed Cats 2Highlanders 4Final
Sun 12/03/23 08:00 PMNorthcross B1 Junior Ehs 2Trash Pandas 0Final
Sun 12/03/23 06:45 PMNorthcross C2 Texas Starskys 6Flying Squirrels 5Final (SO)
Sun 12/03/23 05:30 PMNorthcross C2 Heathens 9Ragnarok 7Final
Sun 12/03/23 05:30 PMHEB B2 Dirty Mike and The B 2Bozos Freak Show 4Final
Sun 12/03/23 04:15 PMHEB B2 Valhalla HC 4Allegedly 9Final
Sun 12/03/23 03:00 PMHEB B2 Dawg House 1DonnyBrooks 6Final
Fri 12/01/23 10:30 PMNorthcross B1 Shamrocks 3Cedar Fever (B1) 7Final
Fri 12/01/23 09:15 PMNorthcross B2 Murder Hornets 6Iceaholics 4Final
Thu 11/30/23 10:45 PMNorthcross C1 Sparkle Donkeys 2Schadenfreude 5Final
Thu 11/30/23 09:30 PMNorthcross C1 Austin Rebels 2Disco Turkeys 4Final
Thu 11/30/23 08:15 PMNorthcross C1 Manchaca HC 4Roadkill 2Final
Thu 11/30/23 07:00 PMNorthcross C1 Cacafuego 1Menace to Sobriety 6Final
Wed 11/29/23 10:15 PMNorthcross RinkA Montucky 3High Stickz 6Final
Wed 11/29/23 09:00 PMNorthcross RinkA Beavers 1Eskimo Brothers 5Final
Wed 11/29/23 07:45 PMNorthcross RinkA Pylons 6Beer for Bobcats 2Final
Tue 11/28/23 10:15 PMNorthcross B1 Highlanders 5Crown Kings 4Final (SO)
Tue 11/28/23 09:00 PMNorthcross B1 Trash Pandas 5Cedar Fever (B1) 2Final
Tue 11/28/23 07:45 PMNorthcross B1 Mean Eyed Cats 0Blackjack 4Final
Mon 11/27/23 10:45 PMNorthcross B2 Dawg House 7Allegedly 2Final

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