Scoring Leaders - Regular Season
19Chris Bozack Fighting Wes Lawrence 32241741184133/41.28
16Richard Bradley Duper Troopers 31172239261220/21.26
3Tim Moon Duper Troopers 302793642031/31.20
9Matt Wade Duper Troopers 3117193620120/21.16
13Wes Lawrence Fighting Wes Lawrence 3218163444010/21.06
22Thomas Girard Beercapades NA 29201232284051/61.10
91Richard Leblanc Atomic Horseradish 25211031163021/51.24
34Jim Wallace Atomic Horseradish 2316143042022/31.30
10Lenard Swain Duper Troopers 2891726261120/20.93
77Brent Dupre Duper Troopers 2710152561011/10.93
7Gregory Shotwell Fighting Wes Lawrence 31141024100031/20.77
77Josh Derrick Rouxd Puckers 327162341020/10.72
91Paul Eno Men in the Box 29111122801051/30.76
11Jason Lee Duper Troopers 2110122242020/11.05
00Andrew Gard Centex Alliance (Farm) 2216521180011/20.95
44Ben Abelon Duper Troopers 249122160031/30.88
4Clayton Sankey Rouxd Puckers 327132001000/10.63
6Michael Tunks Tom Landry Middle School 309101960020/30.63
10Brad R Johnson Atomic Horseradish 2991019241030/10.66
34Kevin Contello Fighting Wes Lawrence 3281119101010/00.59
11Scott Smithwick Rouxd Puckers 321261822030/10.56
19Michael Leone Men in the Box 3012618222020/20.60
19Eugene Laskowski Rouxd Puckers 3210818100020/10.56
2Mick Bush Atomic Horseradish 3110818140010/20.58
7Steve Heuer Beercapades NA 271081820010/40.67

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